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a cartoon character holding a stuffed animal in his right hand with the caption'i will name him george, and i will hug him
Just looking at this picture cracks me up! Loved this toon!
a digital camera is shown on a white background
10 of the Weirdest Cameras Ever Made
10 of the Weirdest Cameras Ever Made | Fstoppers
a magazine cover with children dressed up as santa clause and other toys on it's front page
the kids repeated gifts....
two women in pajamas standing next to each other wearing cartoon character t - shirts and dresses
Loved these gowns. Had knee length too!
an old radio with the words i'm this old on it
there is an advertisement with the words when you went to a music store in the 80s and had to wait for them to take this damn thing off your cassette
80s Forever And Ever on Instagram: "And when you forgot, you’d have open it while driving home. Tough task! . . . . . #80sforeverandever"
a can of nestle quik sitting on top of a metal rack with strawberries
THEN AND NOW: See How Your Favorite Products Have Changed Over Time
an advertisement for bedroom furniture with the caption does this bedroom set look familiar?
60s 70s & 80s Nostalgia
a door with the words who remembers these paneled walls? written on it in black
an old nintendo game console and other electronic devices are shown in front of a pink background
HD wallpaper: gray Nintendo Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Super Mario, retro games
two old style telephones sitting next to each other on a white surface with red numbers
What is a Brick Phone? (with pictures)
three different types of glue sitting next to each other on a white surface with red, green and blue colors
the toy is in its box and ready to be used as a fun activity for kids