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In which I objectify professional athletes.

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The home run fence at Wrigley Field is covered in ivy. Chicago Illinois, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Girls, Go Cubs Go, Brand New Day, Hubby Love, Better Baseball, Wrigley Field, Sports Images

Alfonso Soriano Looking Good Defensively

When Alfonso Soriano shifted to the outfield a few years ago, he struck most as a surprisingly good left fielder. He took some questionable routes, but he had

That's a real half hearted, slapdash effort at high sockery, Ryan Vogelsong. Giants Baseball, San Francisco Giants, High Socks, Effort, Studs, Athlete, Asparagus, Spikes

That's a real half hearted, slapdash effort at high sockery, Ryan Vogelsong.

Find the swagger! Men Wear, Real Men, High Socks, Athlete, Baseball, How To Wear, Image, Moda Masculina, Baseball Promposals

Find the swagger!

If the Giants got rid of Barry Zito, who would wear these magnificent socks? All of you Giants who currently sport the high socks (Cody Ross, Matt Cain, Nate Schierholtz, Brandon Belt, I’m looking at...

Good luck to our Big Time Timmy Jim in Giants Players, Buster Posey, Love Pictures, Cincinnati, High Socks, Stripes, Big Time, Running, Studs

Lincecum can change his stripes, but not his luck

If only for the Giants' sake those stirrups possessed the magic to restore the enchantment...

Major League Baseballer who plays for the San Francisco Giants. old Barry Zito Baseball Players, Football, Baseball Cards, Hockey, Basketball, It Gets Better, San Francisco Giants, Grumpy Cat, Major League

I'm going to miss Barry Zito's socks, and the way he made a face just like Grumpy Cat when he threw.

It looks like he hurt himself or something.but who the fuck cares! It's Anthony Rizzo in high socks! Cubbies, Chicago Cubs, High Socks, Bliss, Athlete, It Hurts, Baseball Cards, Cubicles, Boxes

Chicago Cubs Report

Coming off a 97-win season, the Cubs are preparing for increased expectations as they set their sights on even bigger goals in 2016.

Len Goodman on RYAN THERIOT and HUNTER PENCE's Tango: "I thought you guys gave it a good effort, but frankly, you broke hold too many times, and the footwork was horrendous. Hopefully, you two will do better next week with the Paso Doble. My Giants, Giants Baseball, 2012 World Series, Hunter Pence, Buster Posey, Shall We Dance, San Francisco Giants, Dodgers, Champs

After this photo was taken, Ryan Theriot jumped up in the air and wrapped his legs around Hunter Pence's awkward, gangly body. The image was so stunning, no camera could capture it.

Hunter Pence doing what he does best. What exactly that is has yet to be defined. Hunter Pence, High Socks, Athlete, Baseball, Sports, Baseball Promposals, Hs Sports, Sport

Hunter Pence doing what he does best. What exactly that is has yet to be defined.

baseball players in high socks Baseball Players, Pharmacy, High Socks, Athlete, Cool Style, Tops, Fashion, Moda, Style Fashion

baseball players in high socks

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