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an apple themed counting game for children to practice numbers in the shape of red apples
Traseaza numerele
a printable worksheet with numbers and images for halloween
Cate sunt
the number 1 to 10 green caterpillars with eyes and antennae, all showing numbers
Completeaza cifrele lipsa (5+)
the numbers and letters in this worksheet are for children to learn
Numara & lipeste cifra corecta (4-5+)
the numbers are lined up with apples on them
Numara & uneste (5+)
the printable worksheet for numbers and letters
Traseaza & numara & uneste
numbers and shapes worksheet for children
Numara & uneste (5+)
the printable worksheet for counting to 10 with five stars and two bees
In ordine crescatoare
the numbers 1 to 20 worksheet for children with an image of a monster
Traseaza numerele de la 11 la 20
the numbers are in different colors and font for each letter, including one that is missing
Gaseste corespondenta
the number ten worksheet for children to learn numbers and write them in spanish
Trasez de la 1 la 10
a train with different colors and numbers on the front, side, and back sides
Crescator si descrescator
a printable worksheet with fruits and vegetables
Numara si scrie cate sunt?