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I joke about having ocd. After looking at this I no longer think I'm joking...

OCD, an acronym for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, refers to a mental health condition that affects one in 100 children worldwide. It is characterised by recurrent, unwanted thoughts which lead to anxieties manifesting as repetitive behaviours.

Madrugada - Honey Bee

Madrugada - Honey Bee ///Madrugada was a Norwegian alternative rock band formed in the town of Stokmarknes in The key band members included Sivert Høyem, Robert Burås and Frode Jacobsen.

Florence Statues caught my attention because I believe great art can show a lot of type of emotions and actions, that being said I see power, rage, lust and sex. For those reasons I really enjoy this statue.

Achilles and Polyxena, sculpture by Pio Fedi (living with the statues of Florence, Ann Street Studios). What awes me about this work is the hands of Achilles and the indentations they make on Polyxena's skin. Fedi had a knack for the details.