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several different shades of gray and white carpet
Plaster Mud Textures by bupaje on DeviantArt
four different views of buildings with trees in them
Vincent Callebaut Millennial Vertical Forest Wins International Competition -
an artistic rendering of a modern building with spirally balconies on the outside
S N A R E [TERBIT✔️] - 00: The Past (i)
an artistic rendering of a futuristic building on the water
Royal Caribbean's proposed new Miami headquarters is ship shape
an apartment building with palm trees and blue sky in the foreground, under a partly cloudy sky
SIVRI apartment building by Veliz Arquitecto
an entrance to a large building with lots of tall buildings in the background at dusk
In order to improve both the form and function of this building, the design focused on the following areas: traffic flow, main drop-off area, atrium and skylight, main entrance lobby, event hall and façade design. One of the advantages of the site was its relatively long frontage of 150 meters, however, the building volume spread across it lacked continuity. One of the priorities was therefore to create a unity between the existing parts of the building, including the vari...
a tall building with plants growing on the balconies
ECDM Architectes extends Parisian apartments with wavy balconies
an architecturally designed building with curved balconies
an overhead view of the inside of a building
Tianjin Luneng CC Plaza Shopping Mall, Tianjin, China | Our work | Benoy
an artist's rendering of people walking on a bridge over a body of water
The Cultural Oyster - Ronen Bekerman - 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Blog
an artist's rendering of a park in the middle of a city with lots of trees
Competition of the "Agia Sofia - Acheiropoeitos" axis in Thessaloniki | Alexios Vandoros | Archinect
people are riding bikes on a bridge over the water
35 Exemplos De Infraestruturas Incríveis