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an orange tree branch with fruit on it
Elaeagnus rhamnoides (L.) A.Nelson [ Hippophae rhamnoides L.]
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HECKENROSCHEN ROSA CANINA Botanik Farbdruck antik Druck antique botanical print
a drawing of flowers and leaves on a white background
Dog Rose, Rosa canina from Red poppy, Dandelion, Iris, Orchids, Teasel, Hellebore from Flora Londinensis
a painting of three red flowers on a white background
an old book with various plants and flowers on the pages, including one large leafed plant
a branch with berries and leaves on it
an illustration of cherries on a branch with leaves
Cerises Sour cherry, Wild cherry. Prunus cerasus. For pies and tarts. More nutritional than sweet cherries, trees easier to grow. Birds crazy for them. Greeks cultivated sour cherries around 300 B.C. Etudes de fleurs et de fruits, t. 13 (1820) [Mme Vincen