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a painting of two people holding each other in front of a wall with words on it
Moody, Symbolic Street Art by Dan Ferrer
an image of a man holding the hand of a child in front of an hourglass
The Gift of Fire ~ The Lost Wisdom of the Swastika ~ Chiral and Achiral Rosetta Stone Fractal Mandala ~ Double Dalet ~ Master Builders’ Grid ~ Kepler’s Two Great Treasures ~ Pythagorean Theorem ~ Phi ~ World TEACHER revealed ~ Amazing Amazigh SwaStik ShoStik Stickman appears in 2100 CE ~ Burning Man turns 114 ~ The Temple IS Man the Friendship Knot has humanity ‘Entangled’ ~ SURRENDER is VICTORY
a drawing of a woman with makeup on her face
5 Things You Experience When Humor Is Your Coping Mechanism
a man's face with trees and birds drawn on the wall next to it
18 Pencil Drawings Of Nature That Will Make You Want To Be An Artist
a drawing of two women with masks on their faces, one holding the other's face
Smile N Sad - Sketching | Mudabbir Ali | Touchtalent
"Smile N Sad" #Creative #Art in #sketching @Touchtalent
a drawing of a man with his face painted to look like a human being pulled up
Funny Pictures – May 31, 2017
This drawing is meant to show a guy that hides his feelings. To me, it looks like he is thinking about some sad kid and laughing his ass off
a pencil drawing of a woman's face with her hair blowing in the wind
It's "IN"!
a drawing of a woman's face with water dripping from her mouth and the words,
Kunst Zeichnungen - #woman #art #draw #drawing #girl #candle - #ArtDrawings - Best Art Pins
Kunst Zeichnungen - #woman #art #draw #drawing #girl #candle - #ArtDrawings #artdrawingsdarkdeviantart #artdrawingseasyabstractpaintings #artdrawingsgirl #artdrawingssimple
a drawing of a heart in a jar filled with flowers and the words gallery above it
Mi corazón es como una no la cuidas, si no la amas...muere
a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with a rose in her hair,
your more blind than the blind... for you see the thorns under the rose and still call it fragile...