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The Definitive Ranking Of Text Reactions From Worst To Best

I got Harry and Hermione! Which "Harry Potter" Duo Are You And Your BFF? --Like Harry and Hermione, you’re total opposites. One of you is a little smarter than the other, and one of you is a little more brave — and you both know which one is which. While sometimes that means you don’t enjoy all the same activities, you’re an amazingly well-balanced team, and between the two of you there is nothing you can’t do.

OMG when I first saw the picture I thought instead of Harry holding a wand (at least that's what I think he's holding), I thought he was holding an iPhone and he and Hermione were taking a selfie!

This is awesome! Thank you to whoever made this!

Funny pictures about Superhero Squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Superhero Squirrel. Also, Superhero Squirrel photos.