Ligia Georgi

Ligia Georgi

Romania / Artist
Ligia Georgi
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If only...

I'm just a girl who's been dealing w the struggles of social anxiety since i was a teen. It's no easy life to live, but i deal the best way i can. I'm here with stories, tips, & support!

SO MUCH FUCKING TRUTH. hits hard core.

It hurts that I can’t be what everyone wants. And it hurts that I can’t be what I want. Because I’m not enough. I won’t ever be enough. And it hurts, it hurts so damn bad.

I'm sorry I'm so so sorry I'm sorry I've got to be this way. But it hurts me more than you think I wish it wasn't like this anymore. Forgive me for being this way I need help I need comfort. Please just save me from myself>> im really sorry

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