Magyarosi Doris Anna-Maria

Magyarosi Doris Anna-Maria

There are 2 of us in this world....if you know one....there is no need to meet the other one.....we are exactly the same....
Magyarosi Doris Anna-Maria
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A great way to keep your toddler entertained, learning and just plain busy is to build them a busy board! All you need is a piece of wood and any odds and end that toddlers love to play with: locks, light switches, door stoppers, wheels, bells- you name it!

Last Minute Latch Young House Love. Can't wait to make Jo her very own latch board! The kids at the library love ours and the homemade ones are so nice looking without the cheesy colors of storebought ones.

Toddler Busy BoardBusy BoardActivity by AbbieCuteThings on Etsy

19 Inches Wide and 14 Inches Tall Toddler Busy Board. Custom orders can be sent for additional items needed, changes needed,quantity needed and for faster delivery options This item is a ready to made item and

weaved-basket-tutorial.jpg 600×3,214 pixeles

Woven paper craft is a nice way to recycle old newspaper and magazines. Sometimes it can be turned into some useful household stuffs, such as a storage box -- wonder if can make one large enough for kitty bed .