Plăcinte cu brânză Poale-n brâu | RETETE | retete de mancare | retete de prajituri

Ingrediente reteta Placinte cu branza Poale-n brau : 500 g branza dulce aproximativ 700 g faina 4 oua 200 g zahar o cana apa ml) .

Prajitura cu foi de napolitana si nuca

Din bucătăria mea: Prajitura cu foi de napolitana si nuca - I Cook Different

Kurtos Kalacs - want, want, want! It is delicious and I haven't had it in over 7 years! Time to make some.

Now what is Kurtos Kalacs? Kurtos Kalacs is actually a traditional Hungarian pastry which also called as Chimney Cake. It is originated from Transylvania. Just like those coffee cake which the bread topping covered with loads of sweet frosting, so.