Tokyo Ghoul

What's one thousand minus seven?
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Tokyo ghoul / Shiro & Kuro Anime Art, Shiro, Akira, Manga Anime, Anime Style
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Tokyo ghoul / Shiro & Kuro
an anime character with long black hair holding a red ribbon in his hand and looking into the distance
black and white drawing of people with different hairstyles, from top to bottom
Uta Tokyo Ghoul
a drawing of a woman with long purple hair holding a red object in her hand
Rize I Tokyo Ghoul
an anime character holding his hand up to his ear and looking at the camera, with text reading bokunofreao friend kanki facing danger bruh you literally tried to eat him like last week
Tokyo ghoul, funny
some anime characters are standing in the dark with their hands on their hipss and holding coffee mugs
three children standing next to each other with their arms crossed and one child wearing a sweater
Uta's so adorable xD
an anime character with red eyes and white hair
two anime characters standing next to each other on a red background with white and black hair
Tokyo ghoul chibi juuzou
a man holding a plate with a piece of cake on it and question mark above his head
an image of anime characters with red background
Themed Anime List
Kirishima Touka, Uta, Nishio Nishiki, Fueguchi Hinami, Tsukiyama Shuu, Suzuya Juuzou, Yomo Renji, Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul
an anime character with red eyes standing in front of a red background
Tokyo Ghoul - Black | Kekkai Sensen
a drawing of two people kissing in front of a gray background with red writing on it
Sasaki Haise and Kaneki Ken
Kiseki ga okoru basho
Kaneki's transformation