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an old pair of jeans with holes in the back and sides that have been stitched together
Boro; Japanese mending technique (for jeans) - photo by
an old pair of jeans has been stitched together to make a hole in the pocket
Recent Repairs — The Bandanna Almanac
Recent Repairs Century Denim Sumi and Kakishibu patch
before and after photos of wood staining on furniture with text overlay that reads, before and after
Tutorial: DIY fix wood scratches.
three different types of weavings are shown in black and white, with lines drawn across them
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Darning 14.01.10
a pair of jeans with holes in them sitting on top of a red pillow,
Essential blue jean mending method--Tutorial!
I have to try this!! So glad I kept all my old jeans with holes!! :) Essential blue jean mending method--Tutorial
a person wearing blue jeans with red and white patches on it's back pocket
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Jean Patch
a man wearing blue jeans with holes in the back pocket and his hand on his hip
patched up
an old pair of jeans with some patches on them
Patched jeans
a close up view of a sweater with a patch in the middle that has been stitched into it
darned elbow
darned elbow / ifandany on flickr