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Contemporary landscape design is currently trying to draw more people into the environment and getting them to interact with it.

Shipping container house!

Shipping Container Home

This unique urban container office and living space belongs to daiken-met architects in Gifu, Japan. It’s approx sq. in size and consists of 7 shipping containers which are held together by a steel mobile frame.

The building here titled "Ebisu East Gallery" is a combination of modern contemporary architecture and brutalism. Here, the modern glass and steel structure brutally attracts attention to itself, ironically. I love the way that the building attracts to its attention.

Very interesting concept.The building here titled "Ebisu East Gallery" in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan is a combination of modern contemporary architecture and brutalism.

White house / Design band YOAP

Gallery of White house / designband YOAP architects - 11

EDHA inspiration

enochliew: “Panteon Mausoluem by Manuel Clavel Rojo The sheer façade is transformed when opened, as the two planes disappear and the depth of the building is revealed.

Orbis Apartments by ARM Architecture - Australia

Multi-Faceted Sci-Fi Structures

(Orbis Apartments, Melbourne, Australia, ARM Architecture) Is it me or does this building look like there are bites taken out of it?

Vibrant sculpture

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