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Izzy draped a necklace around my neck, patting it down into my blouse with her pale hand. "This is the enchanted necklace of the Moon." she explained, moving her hands to my hair. "What does it do?" I asked breathlessly, running my hands down her sides and resting them at her hips. "It keeps you safe." she told me, looking deep into my eyes, "For when I'm not around." "You'll always be around." I said softly, "You're my Gatekeeper."

midwintercrone: “ After nearly four months of struggle with the customs and postal services, these treasures sent my way finally arrived safely. Be assured that these will be most cherished. Thank you for your patience and.

Moon fashion punk hippie batwing tussle fringes stone wash poncho dresses 6

Moon Fashion Punk Hippie Batwing Tussle Fringes Stone Wash Poncho this would be so easy to make

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Winter Lane ~ There is something very special about leaving footprints behind in freshly fallen snow. Photographed in Owen Sound, Ontario Winter Lane by Linda Baker



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