✨The lights from your eyes made it feel like we were dancing in the moonlight✨
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Nearly every one of my friends i have no idea how i met them they just showed up in my life one day.<<Some of my friends I used to hate them or they hated me.

i really do this

I just got a calendar like last week and I went straight to my birthday month. Haha I do that all the time! I hate it when I get a calendar and I hate the picture for my birthday month!


Teenager Posts~ sometimes tho I'm just all like U DONT GET IT to my mom but still SOOO VERY TRUE.so true it's makes me sad 😢 I swear I'm gonna b like the most willing mom ever but reality I'm gonna b worse.

Teenager Post That awesome moment when you are telling a lie and your best friend notices and joins you. Thanks to my friends who have joined in at times and i have helped yall as well ;

i remember that!!

the rules of the playground and this is why i spend most of outside time saying We dont walk up the slide!