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Madalina ZUGRAVU

Madalina ZUGRAVU
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This classic Ancient Greek recipe is for what is know as the world's first energy bar. Made with sesame seeds and honey, give ancient greek pasteli a try

Pasteli - Ancient Greek Honey Sesame Bar which has been around since ancient times. It is one of Greece's ancient dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Easy and toddler-safe silly putty made with common household ingredients (no glue, no borax, no liquid starch required like many slime recipes!) Smells and tastes yummy, perfect for sensory play!

This might be an exciting reward activity on a Friday, possibly before halloween. "Easy, non-toxic, & only 3 ingredients! This recipe for edible silly putty changes colors while you mix it! A fun, safe slime alternative (No glue required!

Detoxifying scrub! Epsom Salt, Kelp Powder, Spirulina Powder, Essential oil blend of Juniper, Eucalyptus and Rosemary!!

How To Make A Seaside Bath Salt Soak 210 grams Epsom Salt 9 grams Kelp Powder 6 grams Powdered Grapefruit Peel 3 grams Spirulina Powder 40 grams Olive Oil 60 drops Rosemary Essential Oil 30 drops Juniper Essential Oil 20 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The Pioneer Woman Freezer Meals. Long list!

Freezer cooking by the Pioneer Woman. Lots of tips not just on the food. Includes what containers she uses for what types of food. Includes full-meal freezer cooking and freezing ingredients to make meals once thawed. Love her recipes too!