True :)

Thankfully my cat sleeps at night. But this is him when I'm trying to eat, study, walk out the door, or any other time I can't play/cuddle.

Pusheen's Stormy Games...attack ALL THE STRINGS!!!

this is stormy the cat! he is pusheen's skinny but fluffy little brother. he is adorable!

pusheen's 6 Reasons You Should Consider Being A Cat. Jelly bean toes!!!

Funny pictures about Why you should consider being a cat. Oh, and cool pics about Why you should consider being a cat. Also, Why you should consider being a cat photos.

The Swiffer has been taking lessons from Cat vs Human, apparently. Crinkly paper everywhere!

cat versus human They make wrapping presents a bit more exciting, I suppose.

Help..I want to read a book...:)))

Every time you read a paper or a book, your cat finds you .OMG so true

Cats sleep in places they shouldn't

Cat vs Human - Cat lovers everywhere can totally relate to these Cat Vs. Who among feline owners has never been mistaken as a scratch post or has.