Mădălina Ursuţ

Mădălina Ursuţ

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Mădălina Ursuţ
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Smoke flowers and diamonds

___test her on urban intelligence and navigation___+_____urban related princess spirits___+______+++_______Roll-Troll-Bowl_-----++___--Smoke flowers and diamonds

Resultado de imagen para Cannabis

I like how the hummingbird was added into the painting, it really makes the piece more interesting and surreal. I also like how the smoke is forming the "rings" around the planets.

❁ pinterest: @craicofdawnn

This piece feels really calming to me. The solitary blue melds well with the soft black and white of the rest of the piece. Even the woman's mouth echoes the tranquil rhythm of the clouds above. The symmetry of the piece adds to the overall peaceful vibe.

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