Madalina Alexandrescu

Madalina Alexandrescu

Madalina Alexandrescu
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Marble Race Track

Marble Race Track - This works, I've tried it! For outdoor summer fun, leave some of the tube in place so you can put the water hose in! You never know when the marble will shoot by!

Marble run

Bottle marble run. Could be an idea for encouraging students to use phrase of the week. If they use it well they can go up to the marble run and put a ball in it. Just an idea

Mais ouqu'├ža tombe?

Ball study-Paper tube Tunnels and pom poms -great for science, colour learning, fine motor skills

Ateliers de manipulation

Easy to make matching work. Trace a variety of caps and lids on to construction paper (laminate for longevity). Then place on a tray with caps/kids in a basket. Demonstrate the wo (Try Asking)