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THE LAST ONE NOOOO XD || Attack on Titan β™œ

Is it just me or are the proportions in SNK way off The 5 meter class seem too big >>> last one ooooo mygawd im crying

I'm gonna try this | Attack on Titan | Levi

I dot think eren is a sacrifice, I think he is there as another way to lure Levi there! (If u didn't realise, yes I ship Levi x eren)

Levi is a flower...YES IT MAKES SENSE OMG XDDD

I don't know what this is from or what Levi they are referring to but this made me laugh so hard!<<<Is Attack on Titan Levi, our pretty little snuggly flower-boo.

Seriously, 160cm....bloody hell, I mean clean freak would be better.

Seriously, hell, I mean clean freak would be better. <<< true, clean freak AND midget. If Levi was real, we'd all be deadπŸ˜‚