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We all 'thin-slice' all the time. But Gladwell articulated it. Think about it next time you make assumptions based on tiny thin slices of observation...

A must read! In his landmark bestseller The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell redefined how we understand the world around us. Now, in Blink, he revolutionizes the way we understand the world within. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

I'm obsessed with collaborative consumption. It has to be where the world is going... we'll run out of stuff, money and rubbish dumps otherwise

What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption -- Rachel Botsman & Roo Rogers - to read

Do we live in a world where only experiences really cut through the clutter and make us connect with brands? I think so... Cant wait to start next thesis on measuring experiential marketing. Relevant?

A great introduction to The Experience Economy. Title: The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage: Work Is Theatre and Every Business a Stage by B. Joseph Pine II and James H.

Traditional Boys Bedrooms

Small White Tween Boys Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Simple Wooden Bunk Bed Frames complete with the Bedding Accessories and Comfortable Lounge Chairs on the Wooden Flooring also Storage Cabinet that have Accessories on it