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a hand holding a small black cat with green eyes on it's palm, next to an open notebook
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Skirts DEAT Fashion Women s Denim Skirt High Waist Streetwear Black Patchwork Feather A line Spring 2023 Trendy 17A5616 230222
several different types of buttons on a table
a close up of a piece of brooch with a mug of beer on it
a pair of headphones laying on top of a white bed with a pink cord
Crochet a Leaf Sprout for cable tie, headphone decoration or bookmark
How cute does this crochet sprout decoration for headphones look? 🌱 The sky is really the limit when it comes to creating wonderful things with yarn. If you want to start your crochet journey with others online or in your city, book a workshop now!⁠ ⁠ 📸 @alaylae
someone is holding their headphones up to the car stereo in front of them, with a green leaf on top
Leaf sprout
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