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three paper plates with designs on them sitting on a table
paper birds sitting on top of a plate in the shape of a nest with two smaller ones
some toilet paper rolls are decorated like turkeys
paper flowers and ladybugs are arranged on a bulletin board
a plastic container filled with ladybugs and shamrocks on top of paper plates
Hermes Oran, Womens Flip Flop
a bulletin board with paper cut out of two bees on it's sides and hearts hanging from the back
three snowmen made out of felt sitting on top of a piece of paper next to scissors
felt ornaments are hanging on a table with paper and scissors next to them is a piece of paper that has been cut into christmas trees
some little yellow stars are hanging on a string with googly eyes and other decorations
handmade christmas stockings and mittens hanging on a wooden table with other felt ornaments
the table is covered with christmas decorations and crafting supplies for kids to make their own ornaments
several pairs of socks with snowman faces on them sitting next to each other in front of a wooden table
paper plate snowman craft for kids to make with construction paper and colored construction paper
there are many different pieces of paper on the wall with scissors and other things attached to it