The Evil Queen

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6x22 the evil queen's happy ending
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"Mi piace": 3,411, commenti: 19 - ONCE (@onceuponatime_scenes) su Instagram: "BEAUTIFUL. AT LEAST MY OTP IS HAPPY AND TOGETHER IN ONE REALM ❤️❤️ {6.22}"
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Photos
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Once Upon A Time 6x02 episode stills
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”As soon as we saw her read, we knew she was our Queen. Lana immediately keyed into the fact that the queen is not evil for evil’s sake, that her meanness grew out of real human pain and loss. She understood that immediately so it never played silly”- Adam Horowitz
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The Evil Queen - OUAT
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Evil Queen/Regina Mills aesthetic
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Character spotlight….Regina aka The Evil Queen
The costume department of Once Upon a Time never cease to amaze me with their creations for Regina/The Evil Queen. Naturally, the Evil Queen’s outfits are more lavish and extravagant, especially when she’s in the enchanted forest setting. I love seeing what they’ll come up with next, but here’s a few of her previous looks that were pretty awesome.