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three ducklings are sitting on the edge of a dock
a baby zebra standing next to an adult zebra
Baby Zebra - Savanna
Beautiful Baby Zebra
a gray cat holding a pink flower in it's mouth with the caption, i am frazer uma for pra voce
Кошаки - 53
Pretty grey cat with pink flower
a baby giraffe laying down next to an adult giraffe
Friday Favorites
Giraffes are such beautiful animals.
a giraffe standing next to a tree on a lush green field in the fog
Giraffe / Lensberry
a baby rhino running across a dirt field
Little baby rhino running
a black and white photo of a puppy with a pink heart on it's chest
beagle puppy <3
two ducklings are sitting on the ground and one is looking at the camera with its mouth open
"'Scuse me, sir, little privacy, please!"
a dog is climbing up the stairs with its paw on it's back legs
an elephant standing on top of a dirt field
Baby elephant! Squeeeel
I need a hug too
Colour of Hope
I need a hug too