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To anyone who needs to apologize

The Four Part Apology; how to help your kids learn to apologize. I always have my students tell what they are apologizing for. This 4 step approach would really be helpful!

How to teach your children responsibility

How to teach your children responsibility

A lot of times we make parenting much harder than it should be. We overanalyze, over-reward, over-discipline, overachieve. When the reality is that effective parenting is comprised of only a few, simple things. When we focus on the core of the parent-child relationship, we can find new direction in the simplicity.

Child Therapist's 4 Ingredients to Good Parenting As a child therapist - I have noticed that people have many different parenting styles, but 4 key components seem to be present for all good parenting approaches.

tips for parents of picky eaters

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