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#wattpad #hombres-lobo Cuatrocientos setenta años han pasado desde la fatídica noche. A duras penas Aiden sobrevivió a un ataque, solo para que su mundo colapse ante la noticia de la muerte de la mujer que amaba. Ahora, por algún milagro del destino, tiene una nueva oportunidad para estar con su amor perdido... Pero no t...

alecstasy: “ godful: “ “ The most painful thing to see is when tears roll down someone’s face and they’re completely silent. ” its a gif did u think they’re gonna tell u their feelings ” it’s sad when.

Oh, my God, stop flirting with me!

The Fault In Our Stars - John Green. I've read TFIOS all the way through 8 times now, and still love it to pieces. It's impossible to get sick of this book :)

every time a character makes me feel second - hand embarrassment

Me reading tmi and malec fanfics


This is me with basically any good book series like the hunger games, percy Jackson, rangers apprentice.