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Embroidery Reinvented – Soutache Jewelry

Soutache Embroidery made the way for a genre of hand made jewelry that is incredibly creative as well as fun and fashionable. This craft originated with Dori Csengeri whose hand embroidered jewelry was founded in

//astrik//: August 2008

These beautiful jewelry pieces by designer Dori Csengari are really more works of art worthy of framing for display, IMHO.

Bali villa huge bathroom

Interior:Fascinating Water Spa Interiors At The W Retreat Spa In Seminyak Bali Indonesia Restful Holiday Vacation Ideas Astonishing First Cl.

Casa Inlet Retreat by by MW/Works Architecture & Design  http://www.mwworks.com/Projects/Case-Inlet.php?index1=1=1

American practice MW Works Architecture + Design have designed the Case Inlet Retreat in Washington State. Built for a family, the small retreat is nestled into a forested slope along the eastern edge of the Case Inlet