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Everybody may not understand your choices and decisions in life, but that's okay. They don't need to. As long as you understand your journey and why you do the things you do, that's all that matters. Nor do you owe people an explanation for the way you choose to live your life. In fact, people should be so focused on improving their own lives and becoming a better person that they have no time, energy, or inclination to worry, wonder, or discuss what somebody else is doing in their life

Nobody gets to order / oblige anybody in their personal lives . The world is moving on everyday , so if some people can't adjust to it then it's their problem. Not mine or yours. And ,-- you don't get to harrass anybody. You are no exception .

the hair...the's too much!!

this may be my all time favorite hair of his, just like everything about him right here makes my heart just fly away ♡♡♡

just know, that you are stronger than whatever challenges tomorrow brings you. goodnight:)

this picture makes me feel something i cant quite decipher and i just feel so emotional right now. i feel so proud. i just want them to be happy and do what they love and i just dont know how thye are so perfect and UGH.