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two lines that have been drawn in blue and yellow, with the same pattern on them
Arts and Designs (Server Upgrade)
Interlacing insertion stitch
DIY Regency Bonnet
the instructions for knitting socks and how to tie them with one knot on each foot
Hand exercises for knitters - The Blog - US/UK
Hand health is so critical for fiber artists. Take excellent care of your hands!
crocheted hair clips are shown in three different ways
25 The Easiest Crochet Scrunchies
The Easiest Crochet Scrunchies – 1001 Patterns
an advertisement for the v & a museum has been put up in front of a computer screen
1940s knitting patterns · V&A
vintage knitting patterns at the V&A
the instructions for how to use embroidery stitches
DIY: Heart Embroidery Sampler (For Beginners)
Chain stitch Embroidery
the needle is being used to thread through fabric with two different types of needles on it