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a drawing of a woman in a pink dress wearing a batman mask on her head
a hand is holding a small pink lego figurine
the pink batman pop vinyl figure is in its box
a woman in a pink dress is standing with her arms crossed and wearing a batman mask
a cat wearing a batman costume with the caption i am batman
yes. ☆
there is a small toy that has been placed in front of the water and it says, i am batman
lego fairy batman
the pink batgirl is holding a star on her hand and wearing a costume that has been made out of legos
halloween costume idea
a black and yellow teddy bear sitting on top of a bed next to a pillow
the lego batman movie character has glowing blue eyes and a pink bow on his head
Coquette Lego Batman
lego batman with coquette pink bow on his head
a person holding up a pink crocheted toy