Craft Sauce: 10 Crochet Tips I Wish I Had Known From The Start

Craft Sauce: 10 Crochet Tips I Wish I Had Known From The Start - Clear Pictures to Show Beginners Who Need Visual Help

Ebla tablets: secular history proves the Bible is true

For many years, the critics of the Old Testament continued to argue that Moses invented the stories found in Genesis. The critics contended that the ancient people of the Old Testament times were too primitive to record documents with precise details.

12 verses about loving immigrants, refugees and displaced people.

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As a little girl and as a lady, I have worn skirts and dresses full-time my entire life. I started doing it because my parents taught me to do so, and because it was expected of me by my pastors an…

3 Reasons Why I Wear Skirts Full-Time - I strongly DISAGREE with this article, but I'm saving this so I can write about it later

We need to reject these partial deities we’ve created and embrace the real Christ.

Creating Jesus in our own image - rejecting the myths and embracing the Son of God as is.

31 Bible verses for those who serve in the military

Idea for community outreach: Send your expired coupons to military families overseas. They can use them for up to 6 months after the expiration date.

Purposeful Femininity | Set Apart Girl

Beautiful, Everyday You Colin Matthews Terracanna Australia

Ariel's Harmony of the Gospels

Ariel Ministries Catalog Ariel's Harmony of the Gospels

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