What do you think "Youth is the best time of life

“I’m trying to distance myself from the idea that youth is the best time of life, because a lot of my friends are really anxious about growing older. I’m studying classical drawing, which helps.

Music makes me feel good :)

Turn your lazy guitar fingers into lightning-fast, accurate weapons

Can Guys and Girls Be Just Friends

I have 1 guy friend we are kind of like best friends but we don't see each other outside of school but I can talk to him about anything :/


Oprah is best known for her multi million award winning TV show (The Oprah Winfrey Show), which is a top rated program of its kind in the history.

The Free Family

Rocket City Mom Summer Fun Guide You MUST bookmark this excellent guide if you live in Huntsville, AL!

RIP Robin Williams :(. And thank you for everything.

Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams has dead in a suspected suicide due to asphyxia. Robin Williams has dead at 63 at his home in northern California. News by.

Every Human has a story

These children are members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority, who are one of many minorities deemed expendable by ISIS militants. In the last few days, ISIS has moved into their villages and taken their.