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the slip, fall, and save

No lie I watched this for 10 mins straight and couldn't stop laughing

They did and not just once...

All of them. Especially my music taste. I'm always listening to it, and my dad is constantly making jokes about it and telling me to be a "normal white girl"


Lol this blood sweat and tears funny version they made had me dying ha ha bts

All the hilarious moments in the trailer, especially of Jin, made me want to get the summer package

WELL taehyung we need to talk about somethings that you've been doing that just .. no baby stobbbb

hairykpoppits: “V’s boner in tight leather pants…delicious ” this beautiful shit is doing too much<<< Wtf V are you trying to kill us


kekekeke now this is so epic~! keke Lay oppa lets get high together~ kekekeke ~ and thank you Chen kekek~