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the words are written in black and white on a blue sky with clouds behind them
Buscuiţi este?
two pictures of people fixing the hood of a car, and one shows how to fix it
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a man laying on top of a bed next to a bottle of beer and a cell phone
Când îți zice doctorul să stai deoparte de băutură
the faces of two people with bananas on their heads and one woman's face behind them
Viorica Dancila la cumparaturi
the message is written in spanish and has emoticions on it, as well as two
Cand pierd telefonul
someone inserting money into an atm machine with the caption, se spune cadevata frumustete vine din interior
Adevarata frumusete vine din interior
an older woman with blonde hair is shown in front of a purple background and the words,
Papa în România
two texts that are in different languages
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two text messages are being displayed on an iphone screen, one is green and the other is white
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two texts that are in different languages, one is red and the other is white
Ai gumă?
Amusing, Wtf Funny, Dark Humor
Sofia vs. Viorica -antiteza prin definitie
a man with a hat and mustache holding a microphone
Daca ploaia s-ar opri!
two pictures with one woman talking to the other and another man sitting at a desk
Urasc interviurile. Toate sunt gen: De ce ar trebui sa te angajam?