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I think I have this somewhere on this board but he's just too damn adorable in this moment *swoon*

Benedict Cumberbatch so I don't really pin pictures of people much, and I've never agreed with the Sherlock fandoms idea of cumberbatch being the most attractive man ever. BUT DANG HE LOOKS GOOD IN THIS PHOTO.

Motionless In White Immaculate Misconception <3 <3 <3

Motionless In White//Immaculate Misconception - Seriously, don't judge me you fucking prick until you've walked 10 miles in my god damn shoes.

Benedict Cumberbatch And Eddie Redmayne Made Hilariously Punny Dating Profiles

Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock) I feel like he's only saying that because he played the role of Doctor Strange(which by the way' I still haven't watched that movie).

Sherlock seriously deserved to be punched in this episode.  Just sayin'.

And Best Friend of the Year goes to. Sherlock Holmes, the very man who drugged his best friend's coffee and locked him in a scary room as "an experiment " woot woot