Intimacy in trust. Cordel de 3 dobleces no se dobla facilmente! Specially lets trust in the Lord above ourselves and each other. We wont regret it

Good morning, today is definitely one of those days in which I would rather we stay in bed! I require the kind of snuggles where you basically bury me under you and I simply accept my fate! We dont even need coffee right now, we just need snooze and cuddles! We can wake up and do stuff later, I just need sleep and you! ❤ xxxxx

handcraftedinvirginia: ““ Their love started in a photo lab. He would develop it. She called him “Pro Photo Guy” to her friends.

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James R. Eads and Chris McDaniel

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mine taylor swift ≈≈ i remember how it felt the first time you put your arm around me by the waterrrr ≈≈≈ boop bop i do generally remember the first time someone touches me i. puts arm around me rests head around me holds my hand hugs