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Show houses are always an interesting topic. Maison de Luxe is the show home in Beverly Hills that will be open to the public from December.

GARDEN TIP: Growing Vertical | Southern Rural Route

This looks relatively simple and affordable. If it wider you could plant tomatoes in the middle - they could be protected agains the southern heat. a fishing net? a volleyball net?

Tires are everywhere and due to their incredibly slow rate of decomposition, they're not going anywhere. Their durability makes tires a great repurposing candidate for two reasons. Firstly, you're creating something way more durable than its store bought counterpart. Secondly, you're keeping a practically non-biodegradable material out the world's landfills.

Turn your old tires into DIY Recycled Tire Planters. In case you are more like an artwork person reduce and make bigger one side of the tire, paint some.