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two wine glasses filled with ornaments on top of a glass table topped with candles and christmas balls
CraftRiver - DIY Crafts And Projects Ideas
Wine glasses as candle holders
three wine glasses with red roses in them are sitting on a table next to candles
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Consejos e Ideas para la Decoracion del Hogar
three wine glasses with purple flowers in them and one has a candle on the top
CraftRiver - DIY Crafts And Projects Ideas
Facebook Twitter PinterestPlanning a celebration? Deck your tables with sparkling wine cup centerpieces. Wine goblets hold ball and egg-shaped candles with festive flair…narrower champagne flutes make stylish holders for long tapers…turn upside down wine glasses into unusual candle stands. More ideas…
a red rose in a glass dome on a table
Rosa Eterna - Rosa Bella y Bestia - CIRO Flor Rosa en Cúpula de Cristal
rosa eterna