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Художник - Антон Пик, картина «Городская улица 7»

Anton Pieck Dutch painter, a painter and graphic artist. To paint in oil, has worked with watercolors, created etchings, engraving.

vintage everyday: 17 Interesting Vintage Portraits of Long Hair Victorian Ladies

Hair was said to be a woman's crowning glory, The Victorians certainly knew that as these photos will convey. A Victorian girl until the age.

While details of her life are a mystery, today she is known as one of the best preserved mummies in the world. Meet Rosalia Lombardo, the girl in the glass coffin.

Rosalia Lombardo, is an Italian child mummy. She died in 1920 at the age of two. She's almost perfectly preserved even though she's been dead for 93 years. She still has all her organs, skin, and even eyes. It's due to temperature change (they think).