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a classroom with chairs and desks in the background text reads 10 tips for moving into a coaching role as a former teacher
Leadership Journey: From Classroom to Coaching
Are you a teacher transitioning into a coaching role? Experience the thrill and uncertainty of starting anew, feeling like a first-year educator again. Get a glimpse of this incredible journey in our latest post!
a blue paper with the words notes from the coach on it next to a pencil
Chrissy Beltran Buzzing with Ms B
This free editable download will help you create a newsletter to share updates and content with your teachers! Instructional coaches need to keep their teachers up to date about events, tips, and initiatives. Share everything teachers need with this fun editable template! #coachingnewsletter #newslettertemplate
the words be an organized and prepped principals in front of bookshelves
4 Leadership Qualities Teachers want in a Principal - Stephanie McConnell/Principal Principles
a poster with the words data is not about adding more to your plate, data is about making sure you have the right things on your plate
Use Data to Improve Student Achievement - Stephanie McConnell/Principal Principles
two people standing in front of a wall with sticky notes on it and the words data walls done right are meant to be interactive - not for decoration
How to Create and Use a Literacy Data Wall - The Sparkly Notebook
a woman writing on a whiteboard with the words how and why to align instructional stages
How Aligning Instructional Strategies Can Support Your Coaching Work: Ep. 14 of The Coaching Podcast
Some teachers hear the word "alignment" and cringe. They worry that they'll lose their individuality or that everyone will have to be "on the same page", literally. But there are some effective ways to align instruction that don't involve synchronized page-turning. In this episode, I share the reason and method for aligning instructional strategies! Instructional coaches who listen in will learn how to follow a process for aligning strategies to maximize your effectiveness as a coach!
a pink background with the words 7 things the best instructional coaches do according to teachers learn more
7 Things the Best Instructional Coaches Do, According to Teachers
7 Things the Best Instructional Coaches Do, According to Teachers
coaches checklist for successful beginning of the year by bland radloff, seasy savvy, simple teaching
Back to School Bash from The Elementary Entourage! - Dianna Radcliff
the coaching cycle says, say this not that it's going to be fun
The Coaching Cycle: say this, not that: Growing as an Instructional Coach
a person writing on a piece of paper in front of a computer with the text 10 end of the year tasks for instructional coaches
End of the Year Tasks for Instructional Coaches
10 End of the Year Tasks for Instructional Coaches
an open book with the title professional development 6 must - use activities to engage your teachers
6 Must-Use Strategies for Professional Development
Planning professional development that teachers love and learn from isn't impossible! In this post I share six activities that you can use with teachers during PD. These ideas will help you create a plan for training that you feel good about and teachers love! Your next workshop will be a hit, and it won't take you days to plan, either! #professionaldevelopment #pdforteachers
people sitting at a table with laptops and notebooks on it that says, how to make your pll product and effective
PLC: Making the Most of a Professional Learning Community
the thinking classroom method book cover with an image of people standing in front of a table
The Thinking Classroom Method: An Innovative Approach to Math
Built on 14 key practices, it’s a way of teaching that gets students up on their feet, collaborating and thinking through challenging problems on a daily basis. And it could actually work in just about any content area. | Cult of Pedagogy
colorful crayons with the words how do you do it all? in front of them
How Do You Do It All? Tiering Teachers for Instructional Support
It can be difficult, if not impossible, to meet work demands as an instructional coach. Luckily, there are things you can do to maximize your time. In this episode, I share how I use data to group teachers into instructional support tiers. I tell you how to get a free copy of my Coaching Cycle Document and explain how to use it. Listen for practical tips that will help your teachers get the specific support they need to grow. #instructionalcoachingformsfree #instructionalcoachingfeedbackforms