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Floating lanterns

Lantern Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii ~ Floating Lanterns memorialize those that have passed away. As the sun sets in the background, small boats with Buddhist monks and church volunteers help to launch and shepherd the small armada of lanterns ships.

Rub al Khali - Saudi Arabia

Sand Dunes: Rub al Khali. Photograph by George Steinmetz. The borders of four nations – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates – blur beneath the shifting sands[.

Dubai. The view from the skyscraper BurjKhalifa. The height of buildings is 828 m (163 floors).

The view from the skyscraper Burj Khalifa - Dubai Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is a world-class destination and the magnificent centerpiece of Downtown.

Danxia Landform in Taining County, Fujian Province, China

A unique geological phenomenon known as Danxia landform. Observed in several places in China. This example is located in Zhangye, Province of Gansu. The color is the result of an accumulation for millions of years of red sandstone and other rocks.