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a drawing of a heart with wings and the words evolucanate written on it
two statues holding hands in front of a sign that says the earth without art is just eh
27 Playful Diversions on the Streets of Paris
two white faces are touching each other's noses on a gray wall with black background
Ceramic Art - Johnson Tsang - museum of art
a person holding a fake human heart in their left hand on the ground next to a brick walkway
a hallway with some lights on the wall and a light fixture hanging from the ceiling
Creature - Lampadani
a red candle sitting on top of a glass plate
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a candle that is on top of a white plate with red stuff around it and a lit candle in the middle
a soap dispenser sitting on top of a sink next to a faucet
Upcycling: Seifenspender aus alter Whiskeyflasche
a man sitting on the side of a building next to a sign that says happiness is in attitude
there is a statue that looks like a woman holding a plant
A Monumental Figure Reveals a Fern-Canopied Tunnel Inside Its Chest in Sculpture by Daniel Popper — Colossal
a sculpture is laying on the floor in front of a white wall with branches sticking out of it
Fredrik Raddum