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Gimli by Bloodzilla-Billy on deviantART

Today's Lord of the Rings art is Gimli.

Hand Type Vol. 12

Raul Alejandro is a freelance illustrator and a designer living in New York City. Raul started a series on Behance called Hand Type Volumes and it’s basically Typography Sketches all obviously hand drawn.

Hand cannon: shoots 7, 410 shotgun shells, weight: only 41 oz

Im not even into guns. But a hand gun that shoots SHOTGUN shells! Hand cannon: shoots 410 shotgun shells, weight: only 41 oz

Sword, 10th century. European, probably Scandinavia. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1955 (55.46.1) #sword

century, European, probably Scandinavian. The braided copper wires on the pommel may represent an earlier Scandinavian custom of tying a talisman to a sword hilt. The pattern-welded blade was forged of intertwined rods of steel and iron.