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I'm actually a fairy, Joker. - Artist Nebezial (Stjepan Sejic) from DeviantART is probably the king of witty, hilarious and corny jokes about superheroes or popular fic.

Even pre-captivity, Tony Stark knew how to handle a gun and how to fight.

Even pre-captivity, Tony Stark knew how to handle a gun and how to fight. He knew how to fight before the armor as well.

That way Tony can get closure on his parents death, he can apologize for the events of civil war and when Bucky tries to apologize for killing his parents, Tony just stops him and tells him he's forgiven. And in doing so Bucky may start to feel that all the deaths on his hand, weren't his fault and Tony will be there to confirm that it wasn't.

I'd like Tony to understand, hard as it will be for him, that HYDRA is the enemy, not Bucky. Bucky was just a tool.

I think coulson would pick it up and stroke jus like everyone else

Avengerous vocabulary of doom - Funny explanation of the vocabulary of normal person, Tony Stark, Loki and Agent Coulson. I love this so much.---- Loki's possible ally is a cat?

Tom Hiddleston Page (@HiddlesPage) | Twitter

Tom Hiddleston Page (@HiddlesPage) | Twitter

For those Writing a gruesome horror, suspense, crime serial, or just an action scene gone wrong. Signs and Symptoms of Strangulation - Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention.

Hahahahaha! XD

"Dude, its you. Put down the glowstick of destiny." I can totally see Tony and Loki texting this to each other. if Loki wasn't, you know, bent on destroying New York and enslaving the entire human population, I think he and Tony would be best friends.