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a wooden bowl sitting on top of a green counter next to a red string and scissors
Ash 🌟✨ on X
a wood carving of a bird on top of a wooden table next to green plants
@altargokart on Instagram: "Another mystery plaque from a bit back! I really have found myself loving anything with a bird included 😭 it’s always so satisfying . . . . . #art #design #pyrography #woodburning #wood #woodcraft #artist #artistsoninstagram #illustration #bird #craft"
a skull with flowers and butterflies on it is mounted in a black frame against a white wall
Eternity Print Art Print of Original Wood Burned Design Wall Hanging Pyrography Art - Etsy
a wooden square with a hole in the middle and stars around it on a marble surface
four brown and white plates with flowers on them are sitting on a piece of paper
a skeleton sitting in front of a full moon with trees and plants surrounding it on a wooden plaque
Burned wood and white charcoal pencil. Inspired by this poem From my rotting body Flowers shall grow I am them And that is eternity.
a person holding up a piece of wood with flowers on it and butterflies in the background
a wooden box sitting on top of a cutting board
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a hand holding up a wooden card with an image of a butterfly and flowers on it