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lelia panescu

lelia panescu
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The 6 + 1 System For Financial Stability | I like this update to the 6 1/2 steps.

Want to control your finances? Where do you start? The 6 + 1 System provides easy steps to gain financial stability so you can stop worrying about money. The complete toolbox that gives you everything you need to start a profitable online business!

Great infographic from Mint.com discussing what a bond is.

Ever notice how nobody ever says “bonds and stocks”? Mint puts the supposedly safe-and-boring part of your portfolio in the spotlight. The bond market is way bigger than the stock market and it’s time to get schooled, Bonds 101 style.

A Day In The Life of a Day Trader

Trading & Currency infographic & data Trading infographic : Visualistan: A Day In The Life of a Day Trader Infographic Description Trading i