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LoveToKnow is here to help you are for your furry, scaly or feathered friends in the best way possible! Get tips on everything from that first moment that you…
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Cat Breeds
From their complex genetic to the different pattern possibilities, orange cats are fascinating creatures. Find out how these popular cats get their signature look! 🐱🟠 Orange Tabby Cats, Dog Health, Things To Know, Genetics, Cat Breeds, Freckles, Dominant, Males, Orange Color
Things to Know About Orange Color Cats
From their complex genetic to the different pattern possibilities, orange cats are fascinating creatures. Find out how these popular cats get their signature look! 🐱🟠
Dog Tricks: Playing Dead
Is this the Most ‘Bang-Tastic’ Dog Trick Ever? Get ready to be charmed beyond measure as this four-legged cutie turns it on!
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Unique Cat names
Cattitude on Point! 😺🌟 Browse through silly cat-focused puns and quirky names you've never heard of to find the perfect name for your special furry friend.
Dog with sun glasses enjoying the pool Dog Pool, Three Words, Best Part Of Me, Pool Party, Puppies
Tips to Throw the Ultimutt Dog Pool Party
Three words: Dog. Pool. Party. 🐶🌊🎉
Plants That Are Poisonous for Cats Peace Lily Plant, Household Plants, Golden Pothos, Cat Safe, Diy Plants, Philodendron, Geraniums
Plants to avoid if you have a Cat
There are a large number of common household plants that are poisonous to cats. Check your home and keep your cat safe. 🌿😺
Cute Cat Quotes for Cat Lovers
😺 Celebrating International Cat Day and the unique bond we share! ❤️
DIY Dog Bed Ideas to Upgrade Your Pooch's Comfort
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How to Make Running With Your Dogs Safe and Stress-Free
Happy tails and running trails: master the art of safe and stress-free runs with your furry pal! 🐾🏃‍♀️ Head to the article to discover tips and tricks that will ensure that running with your dogs is a safe and enjoyable activity for everyone.
Different dog breeds Goofball, Play Hard, Rottweiler, Greyhound, Border Collie, Nurturing
What Your Dog's Breed Says About You?
They say dogs are like their humans, and it's true! 🐾👥 Whether you're a laid-back Lab lover or an adventurous Husky enthusiast, your companion's breed can reveal a lot about your own unique personality.
Brown puppy running in the grass Brown Dog Names, Unique Names, Bear, Male
Brown Dog Names
The Perfect Moniker for Your Brown Dog! 🐶💖 Searching for unique names for your new furry friend? You’re covered with a selection of delightful names that'll make your heart melt.
Kitten using a cat scratcher Diy Cat Scratcher, Homemade Cat, Cat Diy, Purring, Easy Peasy
How to Make a Cat Scratcher
Got a crafty side and a cat in need of a scratcher? 🐾😺 Check out this easy-peasy DIY cat scratcher ideas that'll have your feline friend purring with delight in no time!
Man putting his hands over his dog's ears. Calm Dogs, Dog Owners, Fireworks, Pup, Safe
Keep Your Dog Calm and Safe During Fireworks
Help your dog cope and keep them safe and calm during the fireworks with these 7 tips & tricks.
8 Dog Sleeping Positions & What They Can Tell You
Dogs look incredibly cute when sleeping but their positions are not just adorable they can tell you a lot about how they’re feeling. 🐶💤
Cat with a leash outside Leash Training, Indoor Cats, Learning
How to Leash Train Your Cat in Simple Steps
Not all cats will enjoy walking on a leash 🐈, yet you'll be surprised that there are many indoor cats that would love to take a stroll with you to explore the outdoors safely. Learn these tips and give it a go!