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Boy oh this is just what I needed this morning wanted a cigarette very bad. 24 days without one and going strong..hopefully I will never smoke again 1/30/2014

Letting go of an eating disorder can be one of the hardest things. Even when I knew I wanted to recover I was scared of fully letting go of ED; But since I've let go, life has been so beautiful

"Even angels are not free from sin, and devils too can have redeemable qualities. We are simply human, somewhere in between good and bad, somewhere in between right and wrong, but we are trying and that is what counts." - Marcus Herron

They sin as demons and they love as angels. It is the whole reason that we coexist. If you get rid of the demons, you´ll kill the angels too.

If I'm following's because your style and tastes are kindred to mine. I have a weakness to like minded people such as yourself. To me, your absolutely brilliant and beautiful. I honestly love you all. O:-)

You are every single weakness to me. Every breath every smile every laugh every heartbeat. My entire world. Never have I had a weakness quite so strong.

I swear this is exactly how my boyfriend is I can never be to loud and my legs always shake

I swear to you, I won't stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name - a sex quote I thought very romantic!

Because when we speak what we think, it forms people's opinions and attitudes about us...

elegant (ˈɛlɪɡənt) adj tasteful in dress, style, or design dignified and graceful in appearance, behaviour, etc cleverly simple; ingenious: an elegant solution to a problem.